Overhaul of a Weterings Chopper Super

Completely renewed Weterings Chopper Super

Hortimat dismantled this used crop shredder completely in order to be able to properly clean all parts of the machine and to be able to assess each part for overhaul.
After disassembly, the crop shredder is fully steam cleaned, and sprayed into the original factory colors
Every technical part of the machine has been inspected, cleaned, overhauled or renewed. All bearings are replaced, the hydraulic hoses and the blades of the chopper are renewed.
The conveyor belts are replaced for new!
After the complete technical overhaul is performed, the crop shredder is fully tested, so that the customer in Canada will receive an 100% good working refurbished machine!
Take a look above at the entire photo collage of the revision of the Weterings Bio Chopper Super!

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