Hortimat completes automation of Flower Business Support

Besides moving the existing flower processing lines from Naaldwijk to Rijnsburg, we installed all machines together as one working flower processing line and including all air pipes, electricity, and an electronical control units. After completing the project, we tested and fine-tuned everything, for a care-free and proper operations. Thanks to the flexibility of Hortimat, the customer could continue the operations during the moving.


  • More flexibility
  • Care-free and 24/7 operations
  • Low maintenance level

John Vis is fully satisfied with Hortimat for the Vis Calla expansion


Hortimat machines detained at Russian border

Hortimat machines detained at Russian border, because customs think they are new, instead of used!

Renewed Quality Machines and Materials ☻☻☻


Hortimat delivers fully renewed Bercomex harvesting machine @ Miracle flowers

Hortimat has delivered for the second time a fully renewed Bercomex harvesting machine @ Miracle flowers. Miracle flowers is a one of the top suppliers of Lisianthus in the World! Hortimat is proud that Miracle flowers has given the confidence to Hortimat for the delivery of the new harvesting machine!