Customized and renewed Aweta KG4-16 for Herflo Inverna in Mexico

CustomerHerflo Inverna

Tomato grading machine for Mexico

Machine specifications:
Color and weight grading machines are used for separating products by color and weight. Both weight and capacity are easy to adjust. Aweta grading machines are known for their quality and the machines can be extended with a dry unit or a pre-selecting conveyor belt.

• Amount of lines 4
• Amount of exits 16+1
• Grading by weight Electronic
• Grading by color By means of a camera
• Maximum capacity Approximately 4000 to 6000 kg per hour (depending on product)
• Weighing range Between 100 and 600 gram
• Version Left-handed model
• Dimensions machine setup Length approximately 20.6 meter
• Singulator Inclusive
• Elevator conveyor belt Included
• Buffer container Optional
• Power supply 400 V, 3 phases, zero + earth, 50 Hz

Hortimat customizing work

Hortimat can design the offered machine to exact the customer requirements. Optionally we constructively adjust the machine or we install new operating systems. We also deliver tailor made solutions in the form of logistic conveyor belt systems and we think along with the customer for custom made solutions.

Custom builds possibilities

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