Aweta SK1 cucumber sealer installed at the customer

Aweta SK1 cucumber sealer installed at the customer

This Aweta SK1 cucumber sealing machine has been overhauled by Hortimat. The SK1 is supplied with a bunker belt that has of course also been completely overhauled by Hortimat. Many things on the cucumber sealing machine have been replaced by new parts, such as rubbers, belt deck, chains, gears and bearings. Furthermore, this machine has of course also gone through the entire Hortimat process. The machine has been cleaned, then completely renewed optically, then it has been fully checked technically and, of course, tested with the customer’s product.
Hortimat also arranged the transport, installation and commissioning with this order. The machines were delivered to the customer by our own truck.
After installation, the customer his technical service has been introduced with the machine so that the personnel can handle the machine properly.

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