Crop shredder



TypeCS Robust 310
BrandBio Bull
Engine John Deere 310 hp diesel engine
Control Remote control
Infeed correction Included
Tank capacity 180 liter
Cutting unit 800 mm
Capacity maximum Up to 15000 m² per hour (depending on product)
Metal detection Optionally available
Wheels VTS caterpillar track with 5 support rolls
Weight 7500 kg
Length 8350 mm
Width 2180 mm
Height 2200 mm

The Bio Bull crop shredder 310 Robust is a solid, powerful crop shredder.
The Bio Bull is robustly built with the philosophy of a maintenance-friendly machine with a guaranteed long service life

The Bio Bull crop shredder 310 Robust has the following two major advantages over its competitors:
-The price / quality of the Bio Bull is at a high level
-The Bio Bull 310 is equipped with a more powerful engine than comparable competitors (up to more than 100 hp stronger)

The Bio Bull is equipped with a John Deere diesel engine which can optionally be supplied with a Stage 5 engine.
This engine ensures that you are built in accordance with all (required) laws, environmental and regulations. John Deere offers worldwide service!

All conveyor belts on the machine can be adjusted separately for speed.
This makes the machine perfect for any situation / crop.

Input table:
The input table can be input on both sides.
The input table is extra secured by means of hydraulic shields on both sides. These automatically protects the roll-up unit and guarantees a safe input situation.
These also reduces physical strain.

The Claas-cage is 800 mm wide and is equipped with a knife sharpener. These cages are robustly built and ensure a maintenance-friendly, long service life. (Spare) parts of these cages are available worldwide.
The output of the cage is by means of a conveyor belt. This conveyor belt is hydraulically adjustable in height and empties the shredded crop onto the buffer belt.

The buffer belt is provided with a elevator belt. This buffer has a width of 1,600 mm and can hold a maximum of 4 to 5 m3. This buffer allows the shredding process to continue while the tipping containers are being exchanged or emptied. Because the shredder empties its shredded crop onto the buffer, no empty tipping containers is required to be able to keep on shredding.
The buffer can be operated by means of a separate remote control. As a result, the forklift driver keeps a safe distance from the machine and the machine operator can focus on shredding and its personnel.


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