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TypeCR MultiWinder
BrandBio Bull
Maximum load height 3200 × 1750 × 1750 mm (L x W x H)
Required hydraulic capacity 100-200 bar and 20-60 liters / minute
Drive Hydraulic
Weight Approximately 600 kg
Year of manufacturing New

The BioBull MultiWinder is extremely suitable to be used for winding of many common crops in the greenhouse industry, such as: cucumber crops, pepper crops, tomato crops, etc .. The BioBull MultiWinder can also be used for winding ground foil, screen cloth, drip hoses, etc… The BioBull MultiWinder is hydraulically driven by an external machine, such as a tractor, truck or shovel.

Operation of the machine:
The crop/plastic is wound on a tapered shaft.
By means of an integrated hydraulic pen in the shaft, the wound crop/plastic can be slid off of the shaft.

Crop winding:
When the crop has to be winded, the BioBull MultiWinder works the most efficient in combination with a Speedy crop binding machine
The crop binder circles ( before the crop gets winded ) a biodegradable rope around the crop so that the crop gets winded as ´a sausage´ on the BioBull MultiWinder.


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