Round multihead weigher incl. tray packing machine


TypeSuitable for small products
Suitable for Small products, as cherry tomatoes, mini peppers, blue berry’s etc
Type number CCW-EZ-214/30
Amount of weighing heads 14
Control PLC controlled
Material Stainless steel
Elevator conveyor belt Included
Length 4250 mm
Width 1700 mm
Height 2800 mm
Power supply 400 V 50/60 Hz

How it works:
The products are transported to the circular multihead weigher by means of the supply belt. The products then fall into 1 of the 14 weighing heads where the correct weight is determined. After the products have been weighed correctly, the products are led downwards where they are collected in trays which are supplied from the right side by the tray denester. After the containers are filled with the product, the containers are passed to the lid denester after which the lid is pressed onto the trays. The filled trays can then optionally be collected by a rotary table or a flow pack machine.


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