Complete planting line for rockwool blocks


Dimensions See drawing
Suitable for Pallets 1200 × 1000 en 1200 × 1200 en 1200 × 1600 mm
Number of rock wool blocks per hour 12000 (with 100 × 100 mm blocks)
Belt width 1200 (12 blocks)
Power supply 400 V 50/60 Hz

How it works:
This rockwool line is designed to process rockwool blocks before they are transported to the greenhouse. A pallet with a stack of rock wool blocks is placed in the destacker. The rock wool blocks are then lifted with iron pins and placed on a conveyor belt, where they are wetted and/or fertilized. After this, the rockwool blocks are straightened and pressed against each other, this is also done by means of iron pins. After the rockwool blocks have been straightened, they can be sown or provided with cuttings on the plug-in belt. After the e.g. cuttings from the rockwool blocks, vermiculite is sprinkled on the blocks. When this entire process is complete, the rockwool blocks can be loaded onto a block spacing machine and placed in the greenhouse.

Suitable for the following stone wool block sizes:

- 100 × 100 mm blocks (1 hole in the middle)
- 100 × 150 mm blocks (1 hole in the middle)
- 100 × 100 mm blocks (2 holes diagonally)
- 100 × 150 mm blocks (2 holes left and right diagonal)


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