Electric trolley


TypeRobocar 1600
Stock15 pcs Not enough stock? Ask for the possibilities.
Maximum speed 5 km per hour
Automatic speed maximum 2,5 km per hour
Turning circle 1700 mm
Towbar Included
Drive Electronically powered
Maximum towing capacity 3000 kg
Particularities Eqiupped with ultrasonic sensors and bumper hose
Battery capacity 24 Volt
Weight 285 kg
Length 1350 mm
Width 800 mm
Height 1350 mm
New battery charger Optionally available

How it works:
The Robocar finds its way via an induction wire that is milled in the floor. Furthermore, it can be controlled manually via a joystick.

The full harvesters automatically drive to a final destination at the end of this induction wire.

The Robocar can be linked to all automatic harvest processing systems.
Automatic doors are opened and closed by the Robocar.
The Robocar stops for its predecessor or obstacle by means of ultrasound.


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