Danish trolley with plates



Content of set Danish trolley, four posts (1800 mm long) and plates
Number of plates On request of customer
Wheels 2 castors and 2 fixed castors
Material Galvanized
Length 1350 mm
Width 560 mm
Height 1900 mm

The Danish container is the trolley that is the most used in the horticultural sector and it is also known as the Danish trolley, DC container or simply the Danish.

The Danish container has been designed to meet the specific requirements of the horticultural sector as regards size, weight, stackability and quality. It is most suited for potted plants and flowers. It is also used a lot for transporting separate parts, storage, relocating etc. It’s a multifunctional trolley that is suitable for transporting and/or storing various products. The Danish container can be supplied with extra parts as required. The shelves, which are adjustable in height, offer the maximum capacity for distribution. Furthermore, the containers can be dismantled for return so that they take up a fraction of the space.

The distance between the shelves can be changed by 5 to 180 cm which makes it possible to adjust the shelves to the plants and flowers.

The Danish can also be used for display purposes, which means that products such as flowers and plants can be transported directly from the grower to their final destination. This results in less damage and lower costs.

The wheels on the Danish containers give directional stability and this makes them easy to move. The various parts can also be supplied loose.


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