Pipe rail spraying robot with tank



TypeHortispray HSE300
Control PLC
Pump General Pump T33
Pressure 25 bar
Path displacement Electric
Holding capacity 300 liter
Center to center distance Available in desired rail center to center distance
Drive Electronically powered
Battery capacity 4 × 12 Volt batteries (140 Ah)
Weight 570 kg
Length 2300 mm
Width 870 mm
Height 3800 mm
Power supply 24 Volt (AC)
Battery charger Including internal battery charger or battery change cart
Charging station with extra battery pack Optionally available
Spraying Boom Double spraying boom, 14 nozzles, 6 dops extension part included

The HSE 300 is a pipe rail spraying robot with an integrated tank, this is the latest trend for problem-free crop spraying via the pipe rail system. The tank of the HSE 300 is good for 300 litres, the machine is also equipped with two stainless steel spray booms (maximum approximately 4000 mm high), both of which have adjustable nozzles so that the customer can set exactly the desired spray pattern.

Working with the HSE 300 is easy due to the control with a PLC touchscreen with which you can easily set everything, such as the length of the pipe rail system, the driving speed, the amount of liquid per hectare and even the timing when the 2 spray booms switch on separately from each other. at the end of the path, because nothing is skipped.

Electrical driven on the midle path
The machine is even equipped with a specially developed wheel system, so that the trolley also moves electrically on the middle path, so that you can quickly change from path to path without heavy physical effort. When changing paths, you simply control the speed with the steering lever.

There is an optional battery set (art. 22936): This set prevents you from standing still with an empty battery during your spraying work. With this battery set you have a full battery available at all times. This set is portable and equipped with a charger, the pipe rail spraying robot is also available with an internal charger.


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