Buxes trimming machine


Suitable for Pot diameter from approx. 140 mm to 280 mm
Maximum height pot with plant Approx. 700mm
Maximum plant diameter Approx. 450mm
Movable By rubber wheels
Casing Acrylic glass
Emergency stop protection Included
Cutting speed Adjustable
Conveyor belt speed Adjustable
Capacity maximum 1000 liter per minute
Weight 300 kg
Length 2500 mm
Width 660 mm
Height 1600 mm

How it works:
Plants are placed on the conveyor belt and transported to the form/cutting position. There, the pot is automatically grabbed and turned. The cutting heads cuts the plant into the desired shape. The cutting heads can be easily adjusted by hand to trim plants into round or pyramid shape. The PLC allows the operator to set the number of rotations and the speed at which the plants are trimmed/shaped. Both functions can be easily tuned during the cutting process.

General info:
The automatic forming machine improves the quality and consistency of the cutted plants. This machine also provides a relevant saving in terms of labor costs.The machine is easy to adapt to diff. pot sizes and plant shapes. Because the machine is mobile, the machine can easily be used in outdoor production situations.


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