Growing gutters and greenhouse roof cleaning machine



Length 3106 mm
Width 899 mm
Height 3309 mm
Platform length 620 mm
Platform width 392 mm
Minimum platform height 500 mm
Maximum platform height 1000 mm
Engine power 0.5 kW
Weight 350 kg

The Hortiwash is used for cleaning gutters and can also be equipped with a pendulum sprayer to wash the glass on the inside of the greenhouse. Turbo nozzles are used to clean the gutters, which clean even the most filthy parts. The pipe rail trolley is made of coated steel, which makes the machine last longer and does not corrode. The entire trolley is also IP-66 certified.

The batteries of the Hortiwash guarantee a continuous operation of approximately 12 hours. Furthermore, the wheel sets can be adjusted on the pipe rail width of the greenhouse without changing the axles. The wheel sets are adjustable for a center to center size between 420 and 600 mm.


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