Mounting kit for remote controlled hose drum




The mounting set consists of the following parts:
- Dosatron D3RE5
- Mixing cup
- EC flow meter electronic
- 60L mixing tank
- New pipework
- Shortcuts

Description of operation:
The Dosatron is connected to the water network by means of quick couplings and uses the water pressure as the sole driving force for the motor piston. This drives a piston, which sucks up the concentrate at the set percentage and then mixes it with driving water.
The amount of concentrate injected is always proportional to the amount of water passing through the Dosatron, even if there are any fluctuations in water pressure or changes in flow.

Specifications Dosatron:
- Suitable for adding fertilizers, cooling oil and medicines / vitamins to the use water.
- Infinitely adjustable
- Proportional dosing, so always the set percentage, regardless of the flow or pressure.
- PVDF version is used for bases and chlorine.
- VISCO version possible for viscose products.
- Flow 10 l / h to 3000 l / h
- Injection: D3RE5 is adjustable from 0.5 - 5%
- Working pressure 0.3 - 6 bar


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