Plate palletising


TypePAL 108S
Suitable for pallets 800 × 1200 mm en 1000 × 1200 mm
Maximum stack height 2400 mm
Control Control box
Amount of 30 × 40 cm boxes on a pallet 150
Entry security Included
Safety fences Included
Supply conveyor belt Available on request
Power supply 400 V, 3 phases, zero + earth, 50 Hz

How it works:
After the products have been sorted by a sorting system, they are packed in boxes or crates. A feeding conveyor belt in front of the palletizer transports the filled boxes or crates from the packing area to the plate palletizer. Before the boxes or crates enter the machine, they can be optionally placed in a desired pattern. When the layer with boxes is full and correctly positioned, they are pushed onto the plate. The stacking pattern is made per layer on the plate, after which the machine builds up the pallet per layer. When the pallet is full, it can be removed manually. The new pallet for the next stack will be placed in the palletizer manually.

General information:
A plate palletizer is a machine that automatically stacks boxes and/or crates on a pallet. The machine is often adjustable for certain dimensions of the boxes, crates and pallets. The advantage of automatic palletizing is time savings, including labor costs.
For example, growers in the horticultural sector (tomatoes, peppers or cucumbers) often use a plate palletizer for boxes and crates.


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