Automatic crate unloading + crate return system


Suitable for Harvesting trolleys 1800 mm (L)
Maximum container length 600 mm
Maximum container width 400 mm
Maximum box height 250 mm
Tilt system Included
Crane de-stacker Included
Pull system Included
Maximum load crane 125 kg
Harvest trolleys Optionally available
Power supply 400 V 50/60 Hz
Year of manufacturing 2009

How it works:
The harvest trolleys with the filled boxes are pulled one by one by under the crane. The crane takes the upper row of boxes from the harvesting trolley and places them on the conveyor belt, which automatically transports the boxes to the lift with tilting unit. Here the box is emptied/tilted, after which the products are transported on a conveyor belt to, for example, a sorting machine or another processing machine. The empty boxes are automatically transported to the crane with a conveyor belt and are automatically placed back on the harvesting trolleys.


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