Automatic pepper harvest, buffer and unloading system


Suitable for 70 harvesting containers
Length harvesting container 2570 mm
Width harvesting container 560 mm
Height harvesting container 880 mm
Buffer system length 17500 mm
Buffersystem length 4500 mm
Buffersystem height 6100 mm
Version pipe rail trolley Double, hydraulic
Center to center distance pipe rail trolley 550 mm, pipe 51 mm
Minimum platform height pipe rail trolley 530 mm
Maximum platform height pipe rail trolley 3000 mm
Power supply 400 V 50/60 Hz
Year of manufacturing 2012

Automatic bell pepper harvest, buffer and unloading system consisting of the following parts:

- 63 Bogaerts pipe rail trolleys. These pipe rail trolleys run fully automatically through the greenhopuse and packhouse by an induction system. (Article No. 22915)

- 98 Pepper harvesting containers. (Article No. 22916)

- Buffer system for harvest containers. (Article No. 22919)

The above mentioned items are also separately available !

The buffer system is equipped with two cranes:
- One crane for unloading the harvest container filled with peppers from the pipe rail trolley and set’s back an empty container from the buffer system.
- One crane for unloading the container onto the feedingconveyor of the sorting machine
The maximum number of containers in the buffer system is 70 pieces spread over 5 layers


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