Waste water purification system


TypeVialux E-line
Power in Watts 0,8 kW
Control Vialux connext system
Pump Low 5HM05N07T
Working load maximum 3,50 bar
Pump capacity 2,4 - 8,5 m³ per hour
Power supply 400 V, 3 phases, earth, 50 Hz

How it works:
This Priva Vialux E-Line has been specially developed to break down crop protection products that may still be in the discharge water by at least 95%.

The Vialux E-Line is an advanced UV disinfectant and is available as a separate purification system. The module can also be used on almost every existing Vialux HD-UV and Vialux M-Line.
The discharge water from the industrial area is automatically pumped to the connected Vialux E-line by means of high pressure. Here the discharge water will be cleaned by means of UV light and hydrogen peroxide, so that the contaminated water again meets the legal requirements.


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