Osmose unit


Type43 m³
BrandBruine de Bruin
CommentsThe unit is equipped with new Grundfos well pump!
Well pump Grundfos SP5A-25 (New in box)
Amount of membranes 2 pieces
Maximaal haalbare capaciteit Approximately 1,8M3/H, depending on EC source water
Preserved Yes
Getest Yes
Capacity maximum 43 m³ per day
Material Powdercoated steel
Construction Stainless steel
Power supply 400 V, 3 phases, zero + earth, 50 Hz
Length 3000 mm
Width 450 mm
Height 2100 mm
Already checked Yes

How it works:
A reverse osmose unit presses the contaminated well water true the membranes in the reverse direction of a normal osmose unit. Therefor are no chemicals needed.

The osmosis units are professionally tested and preserved, so that the membranes remain in good condition.
All our osmosis units are checked for correct operation by our specialists. If needed, necessary components are replaced, such as the membranes. After the done tests we have a report with the measured EC values (etc…), which stays with the osmosis

Note: To assure correct operation of the osmose unit we require a water analysis of the client!


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