Pallet wrapping machine


TypeRonda 25
Suitable for Danish trolleys or pallets
Pallet length maximum 1200 mm
Maximum width pallet 800 mm
Maximum working height 2400 mm
Covering foil holder Included
Ramps 1 ramp included
Rotating platform Diameter 1500 mm
Length 2700 mm
Width 1180 mm
Height 2600 mm
Power supply 400 V 50/60 Hz

How it works:
This pallet wrapping machine can easily be operated by 1 person! A pallet can be placed on the rotating platform by means of a pallet truck or forklift via the ramp. The stretch foil must then be attached to the pallet. After the stretch foil has been attached, the rotating platform ensures that the pallet is completely wrapped. The foil holder ensures that the maximum height of the pallet can be reached.


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