Tray forming machines with stack/outfeed unit


Box length 200/600 mm
Suitable for Tomatoes boxes
Box width 300/600 mm
Box height 60/250 mm
Automatic feed Automatic
Control Panasonic touch-screen
Amount of boxes per hour 2400
Weight 2100 kg
Power supply 400 V 50/60 Hz
Year of manufacturing 2010

How it works:
The boxes are picked up one by one from the buffer and placed in the tray forming machine. Then the corners of the boxes are folded first. The box is then transported to the box pusher. When the box has been stamped into the right shape, the box is fed from below to the box stacker. Here the boxes are stacked in height of your choice. After this height has been reached, the stack of boxes is automatically pushed out of the stacker. Hortimat can take care of the entire follow-up/after-process!


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