Single fan LVM


Tank capacity 10 liter
Fan 260 mm fan
Wheels 2 wheels
Power supply 400 V, 3 phases, zero + earth, 50 Hz
Length 1100 mm
Width 500 mm
Height 1360 mm

How it works:
The crop protection is put in the liquid tank.
After pressing the button, the employee leaves the room that will be sprayed and automatically the fan starts to pre-ventilation, the time of pre-ventilation is adjustable, after pre-ventilation the spraying starts automatically.
A mixer rotates in the liquid tank to keep the liquid crop protection mixed as well as possible.
The compressor provides the air pressure of the LVM.
The LVM continues to spray for a programmed time, incl. autom. self-cleaning of the liquid tank and hoses with water.

General info:
This LVM sprays under high air pressure liquid crop protection in an air stream into the cultivation area. A big advantage is that the employee is not in the room when the LVM is in operation!


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