Tray filling machine


Maximum tray dimensions 450 × 180 mm (W x H)
Soilbunker capacity Approximately 865 liter
Maximum amount of trays per hour 900
Length 2250 mm
Width 2180 mm
Height 2100 mm
Power supply 400 V, 3 phases, earth, 50 Hz

How it works:
The machine starts with the soil bunker, which is filled with soil/substrate. The soil is moved to the soil wheel with the supply belt. The soil wheel takes over the soil and put it over the trays that are placed on the supply belt. The height of the soil distribution system above the tray is adjustable. The filled trays are finished by means of a brush unit, where all the soil is made equal. The brushed-off soil falls back into the soil bunker. The filled tray will be transported to the exit of the machine.

This Javo Rotofill is equipped with the following new parts:

- Soil wheel/blades
- Chains
- Bearings
- Belt deck for the supply belt


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