Buffer belt + push off unit


Type1600 × 7000 mm
Push unit Included
Length collecting belt 7000 mm
Width collecting belt 1600 mm
Length cross conveyor belt 2000 mm
Width cross conveyor belt 300 mm
End stop Included
Supports Included
Height adjustable Yes
Power supply 400 V 50/60 Hz

How it works:
The pot plants from the greenhouse are placed on the buffer belt by a forklift equipped with a pot fork
The pot plants are automatically transported by the buffer belt to the cross conveyor belt and are pushed, row by row, onto the cross belt by means of 2 pusher pins that automatically positioning behind the row of pot plants The cross belt transports the pot plants fast and efficiently to the sorting area.

General information:
Buffer belts are applied to collect large numbers of pot plants and to ensure that the transport process of pot plants in and out of the greenhouse/packhouse runs efficient and fast


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