Potting machine


CommentsMayer potting machine Beta supplied by Visser
Pot dispenser Single pneumatic
Take-off mechanism Single mechanical
Amount of pot hooks 16
Minimum pot diameter 80 mm
Maximum pot diameter 220 mm
Pot Holder Adjustable
Soilbunker capacity 2 m³
Pot discharge conveyor Optional
Drilling unit Single
Compressor Optionally available
Length 3950 mm
Width 2200 mm
Height 2300 mm
Power supply 400 V 50/60 Hz

This Mayer 2400 potting machine is fully renwed and equipped with the following new parts:
- Soil infeed wheel/blades
- Axes
- Bearings etc…
- New paint job

How it works:
The mayer potting machine is made for automatically filling pots with soil/substrate. The machine starts with the soil bunker, which is filled with soil/substrate. The soil is moved to the soil wheel with the supply belt. The soil wheel takes over the soil and put it into the pots, which are placed in the pot hooks of the potting track from a pot dispenser. This Mayer is equipped with an automatic pot supply belt. The sizes of the pot hooks are easy to adjust by means of turning the bolt that is mounted on top of the pot track, which can be adjusted in width to a minimum of 90 mm and a maximum of 230 mm. The pot hooks can also be adjusted in height, with the lowest position being 60 mm and the highest position being 180 mm. The pot track moves the pots to the drill, which makes holes in the ground. Here a plant can be placed on the pot track or conveyor belt. The drill holes are adjustable in depth and diameter. After making a drill hole, the pots are moved further along the pot track until they are placed on the colleting belt by the pneumatic push off unit. The belt pushes the pots off into the working area.


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