Rose sealing machine


Suitable for Roses
Amount of bunches per hour 400 mm
Supply conveyor belt length 4000 mm
Supply conveyor belt width 1000 mm
Discharge conveyor length 4500 mm
Discharge conveyor width 970 mm
Compressor Exclusive, optionally separately available!
Power supply 230 V 50/60 Hz

How it works:
Bunched roses are manually placed on the feeding /supply belt and automatically into the rose sealer inserted, the bunch of roses drops gently on the foil and automatic wrapped and sealed by heat After this proces the sealed bunch of roses automatically drops on the discharge belt.
Big advantage of this type of sealer is that the supply and discharge belts are positioned above each other, which is very efficient and saves a lot of space!

General information:
Packing/sealing roses ensures that the roses are better protected during transport. Keeping the roses together with a thin layer of foil prevents the roses from sliding past each other. By preventing this, the risk of damage is considerably reduced. The foil with printing gives the roses an extra elegance!


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