Deleafing unit



Distance between brush axes 115 mm
Length of brush pins 40 mm
Brush length 170 mm
Speed of machine adjustable Constant speed
Deleafing unit Double deleafing unit with 2 axes
Material Stainless steel
Supports Optionally available
Power supply 230 V, 1 phase, 50 Hz
Length 950 mm
Width 290 mm
Height 400mm
Power 0,37 kW
Weight 35 kg

With this deleafing unit Maxi, the deleafing unit axes are 115 mm apart.

The other available option is the deleafing unit Standard (art. no. 24894) Here the deleafing unit axes are 80 mm apart
This makes the Standard better suited for smaller bunch volumes and can deleafing fewer stems at the same time.


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