Bucket filling machine with rack inserter


De stacking unit Included
Dimensions See drawing
Type bucket/barrel Suitable for 566 buckets, optionally customizable to 577 buckets
Maximum buckets per hour 200
Dosing unit Included
Liter counter Included
Supply conveyor belt Included
Power supply 400 V, 3 phases, zero + earth, 50 Hz

How it works:
This BTM has two conveyor belts at pallet height, on which stacks of bucket/barrels and the racks can be placed. These are automatically destacked/stacked by the PLC control and filled with the correct amount of water and, if desired, chrysal. The bucket/barrels with rack will be placed on a discharge buffer belt at working height. For example, there is always a bucket/barrel with a rack.

The machine can be equipped for various buckets on request.


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