Custom made planting lines




Hortimat builds new plant lines according to the customer’s wishes!
The images are an example of how the plant line can be assembled. The design can be made according to customer’s wishes!

These cutting/plant lines consists out of the following parts:
- roller tracks
- supply conveyor belt
- discharge conveyor belt
- Stainless steel tables on one or both sides of the plant line
- control panel with speed controller
- work chairs

How it works
Plant lines ensure an efficient planting process according to a fixed (adjustable) speed; Everything happens in a line, in the same place. This creates an efficient work process and ensures the customer of a better consistent quality of the end product
The line can be expanded with various other machines as desired to make the line even more complete:
- Soil dosing machine
- Tray filler
- Pot Press Machine
- Watering unit


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