Speed controller, input by climate computer



Suitable for Maximum of 5 fans and/or 10 Ampere
Maximum load 4A or 8A depending on model
Control by 0-10Vdc or potention rotary switch
Switch on/off Including
Control Min, max and soft
10V Output Load Max 25 mA
24V Output Load Max 200 mA
Operating Temperature 0-50ºC
Power supply 230 V 50/60 Hz

The speed controller controls the motor speed with a signal 0-10VDc/10-0Vdc or 4-25mA/25-4mA. The controller incorporate luminous ON/OFF switch, internal minimum and maximum speed adjust, fan stop set point, fuse protection and sealed box (IP54).
These controllers comply with following mentioned European norms:
EMC89/336/CEE modified by 92/31/CEE and low voltage norm 72/23/CEE
EMC filter according to EN55014 standard, RoHS compliant.


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