Controllable pipe rail trolley



TypeHortidrive 3.6
Version Three scissors hydraulic
Maximum speed 56 meters per minute, optional up to 90 meters per minute.
Platform length 1750 mm
Platform width 390 mm
Center to center distance Available between 425 - 600 mm
Maximum lifting capacity 200 kg
Maximum platform height 3615 mm
Speed adjustable Yes
Safety rail Included
Length 1911 mm
Width 830 mm
Height 2052 mm
Power 0.5 kW
Battery indicator Included
Battery charger Optionally available

The Hortidrive 3.6 is a hydraulic pipe rail trolley. The articulated steering handle makes it easy to move the cart, even from the work platform! This pipe rail trolley runs on both the pipe rail system and the aisle itself.

The work platform is mounted on a three-post hydraulic system. There is a battery level indicator on the work platform.


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