Buffer for crop shredder



BrandBio Bull
Holding capacity Approximately 3 M³
Belt width 1200 mm
Wheels 2 air tyres
Weight 950 kg
Length 2327 mm
Width 1664 mm
Height 2053 mm

Buffer container with remote controlled conveyor belt.

The buffer container can be connected to both sides of the Bio Bull Compact crop shredder. The trailer connection and hydraulic quick couplings ensures a quick and safe connection.

The shredded crop is transported via the conveyor belt from the crop shredder to the buffer container.

As soon as the forklift driver has placed a tipping container under the buffer, he can start the buffer container by pressing the button on his own remote control.
The buffer container stops automatically when the button is released.
It is also possible to unload the buffer container with the remote control of the crop shredder. This gives you the additional option of resolving it by the main operator.

By using the Bio Bull crop shredder with a buffer container, a higher efficiency is possible.
While using the crop shredder, you don’t have to stop shredding and wait for a forklift driver with an empty dumping container.
This allows the operator to go ahead and get the most out of the Bio Bull Shredder instead of waiting for a lift truck driver.

The Bio Bull buffer is mechanically and hydraulically coupled to the Bio Bull CS140 Compact.
This buffer is driven by the control box and the hydraulics of the shredder.


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