Clean out machine



TypeCR Compact Zero Emission
BrandBio Bull
Suitable for Tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers
Ground cloth roll-up units On both sides
Control Manually by means of a lever
Capacity maximum 2.500 – 5.000 m² per hour
Output height of the discharge conveyor Min. 1300 mm / Max. 2000 mm (variable by forklift)
Discharge conveyor width 1015 mm
Drive Hydraulic pump
Weight 750 + 200 kg
Length 3800 mm
Width 1750 mm
Height 2200 mm
Power supply 400 V, 3 phases, zero and earth, 50 Hz, 16 Ampere

Bio Bull crop clean out machine, 400 V electric / hydraulically driven
The Bio Bull must be externally powered by a 400V 3-phase earth and zero (16 Amp)
Moving the Bio Bull CR must be done with a forklift truck (Adviced minimum lifting capacity of 1800 Kg)

The BioBull is crop clean out machine that cleans out all common crops in horticulture without shredding them, such as: tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and strawberries. The BioBull can also be used for stone wool mats, coconut, perlite and other materials. This machine operates both in large greenhouses and in small-scale greenhouses.

• The BioBull is an ideal machine for companies that want to clean the crop independently without shredding and do not want to be dependent on the planning of a contract business;
• By a self-cleaning machine, the risk of spreading diseases is avoided.

Operation of the machine
The BioBull operates with ground cloths. The cloths are approximately 130 cm wide and have a length of a cap of the greenhouse. The crop is laid on the ground cloths, after which this cloth is attached to the BioBull on an axis. The BioBull then draws this ground cloth together with the crop towards the input. The crop automatically lands on the BioBull conveyor belt and the ground cloth is automatically rolled up again on the shaft. An optional tilting container or collection / buffer container catches the crop. The crop can be removed with a haulm plant or with a tilting container by means of a forklift, shovel or tractor.

Training and capacity
After a 3 to 4 person team, ‘on site’ of the customer, has been carefully instructed by the Hortimat installation team, the capacity of this BioBull will be approximately 2,500 m² up to 5,000 m² per hour.

CE and safety
The BioBull is built, with due observance of all mandatory safety standards and is provided with CE markings.


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