Canvas cleaner



BrandBio Bull
Disinfection pump Optional
Weight 850 kg
Length 2079 mm
Width 2122 mm
Height 1110 mm
Power supply 3× 400 V, zero and earth, 50 Hz

Guaranteed save way for employees to clean the dirt of the cloths

The washer automatically pulls the cloth along the brushes and nozzles (on both sides).
This makes them (after washing) immediately suitable for storage and you’ll start the new season with clean cloths!
The machine is equipped with the most up-to-date protections and can be easily moved with a forklift truck.

Depending on the length of the rolls; 30/40 rolls per hour incl .the time to switch he rolls (roll lenght of 150 M) 
Speed is adjustable

Water infeed:
The Canvas cleaner does not need a high pressure pump
It needs an normall water infeed of approx 10 Bar  min. +- 200 L / min

A desinfection unit to be able to desinfect the cloths.
This consists out of: 
-Unit with a 200L tank, a pump and a dosatron to controll the percentage of desinfection fluid 
-Extra spray boom to be installed, just in front of the roll re-winding unit on the Canvas cleaner.


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